Meet Eric B. Bauman PhD, FSSH, PMHNP-BC, APNP, RN
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Less visible does not mean less important

Volunteer Experience:
Coming from a long line of academics and clinicians, Eric B. Bauman has been surrounded by a support system that taught him the importance of lifelong learning. But other people’s belief in him was what led him to his current volunteer position as a grants and abstracts reviewer for Sigma.
Eric enjoys this unique opportunity because it allows him to help others grow and achieve their academic goals. Through his experience, he has also learned how to be a better academic writer himself. He has found that learning to review is both summative and formative, which takes time and a certain level of professional maturity. “By engaging in processes that promote others’ development in terms of research and academics, you are moving the needle for the entire profession and cementing important roles for nurses in an ever-increasing interprofessional health professions ecosystem at the bedside, research and leadership positions, the policy table, and beyond.”

His volunteer experience has also allowed him to explore other opportunities with Sigma as he has contributed to three Sigma publications, two of which were textbooks; currently serves as a member of the Beta Eta at-Large Chapter Scholarship Review Committee; and has had the chance to present at a Sigma conference with a graduate student he was mentoring. For Eric, one of the real joys of his time in nursing has been seeing mentees and students become successful in their own careers. 

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