POSTMARK Melbourne: Around the world in a week

Diana-Lyn Baptiste |

It’s worth the effort!

Diana-Lyn Baptiste
Sigma’s International Nursing Research Congress serves somewhat like a retreat for nurses, says this author, and, year after year, it keeps getting better.

Around the world in one week? Well, sort of. Each year, nurses from around the globe gather for Sigma’s International Nursing Research Congress (INRC). This year is no different. Nurses have traveled way Down Under to Melbourne, Australia, to attend this amazing event! Some have come from near—there is a great presence of nurses from the Oceania region—while others have traveled from quite far—the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Over the years, Sigma nurses have made great efforts to attend this annual meeting. 

Nurses from Taiwan
Why? Here’s my take on things: This is my fourth year in a row attending the INRC, and I’ve seen nurses from virtually every continent and all walks of the nursing profession show up and show out! Clinical nurses, academicians, advanced practice nurses, chief nurse officers, deans—you name it, they’re here!

Nurses from the PhilippinesI believe Sigma attracts nurses to these INRCs because they provide an opportunity to leave their respective workplaces for a week to engage in professional networking, continuing education, and sharing research. It is no secret that nurses are very busy and sometimes deserve a break. The INRC serves somewhat like a retreat for nurses, and, year after year, it keeps getting better. I’m looking forward to attending INRC next year in Calgary for another opportunity to meet with my global colleagues.

Nurses from IndiaI had never imagined nursing to be so enriching beyond bedside care. Nurses need to know that there are communities of nurses worldwide who are excited to hear about the wonderful impact the profession is having on the lives of patients, families, and communities. Once again, this year’s INRC is a fascinating experience—an opportunity to meet nurses from many regions and countries, all here to engage in networking, scholarship, education, and research!

Sigma truly does represent global nursing excellence at its best! RNL

Diana-Lyn Baptiste, DNP, RN, is assistant professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. In addition to serving as president of Nu Beta at-Large Chapter, she is coordinator of North America Region 12, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma).

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