POSTMARK Melbourne: Courage to share

Pearl Ed G. Cuevas |

Sharing what you have learned is important!

Pearl Ed Cuevas
A congress attendee reflects on the purpose of the International Nursing Research Congress—to network and learn from others.

I think Melbourne must be bursting from the enthusiasm of those attending the 29th International Nursing Research Congress at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Nurses from all over the world have come to engage in discussions related to practice change. Together, they formulate goals that resonate with the needs of these current times.

Pearl Ed Cuevas and friendsThis year, the Sigma Foundation for Nursing granted 25 scholarships to novice nurse researchers. For the first time, some have the opportunity to present their work to an international audience. Sharing nursing research with others requires courage. To leave our families and homes for a week, step out of our comfort zones, share what we have investigated, and be subject to the critical appraisal of others can be difficult. But it’s so important! RNL

Pearl Ed G. Cuevas, PhD, MAN, RN, FGNLA, is associate professor III, Centro Escolar University School of Nursing and Graduate School, Manila, Philippines.

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