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Connect with on the Circle

Connect with on the Circle
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By helping others, we better ourselves

Volunteer Week is 18-24 April 2021! Our many volunteers help Sigma grow on a local, regional, and international level. These six volunteers from all over the world donate their time and talents to Sigma, but here’s what their experience gives back to them.

Sheryl Garriques-Lloyd
, MSN, BSNVolunteerWeek_SherylGarriques-Lloyd_Photo
Omega Kappa Chapter | Latin America & Caribbean Region

Omega Kappa Chapter’s annual health fair—where we conduct medical assessments for children, share health and education talks for the parents, and donate back-to-school supplies for two schools in the surrounding community—has been truly amazing. To work with my fellow chapter members and collaborate interprofessionally with other colleagues while doing something worthwhile and fun is truly inspiring and fills me with profound happiness. Each time I volunteer, I realize that what we sometimes take for granted is such a need for others, and volunteering not only aids those we assist, but also helps to build many noble characteristics within us. My major growth has been finding my specific passion (positive mental health) and dedicating time to volunteer for this cause locally, regionally, and globally.

Emmanuel Kwame Korsah
, MSN, RNVolunteerWeek_EmmanuelKwameKorsah_Photo
Chi Xi at-Large Chapter | Africa Region

I see volunteering as a unique opportunity to add and share what I know in my area of expertise and learn new ways of approaching nursing issues from colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Volunteers are integral to the success of Sigma, and Sigma offers me the opportunity to network and build relationships with members worldwide. I’m a community facilitator for The Circle, and reading and sharing issues, research areas, and information on hospice and palliative care has been amazing. I will always volunteer whenever given the opportunity because learning from colleague scholars and experts is an insightful and wonderful experience!

Rizal Angelo N. Grande
, EdDVolunteerWeek_RizalAngelo_Photo
Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter | Middle East Region

Volunteering with Sigma enables me to understand better my potential as a nurse leader, as well as my ability to contribute my time, expertise, and commitment to support this organization, the nursing community, my colleagues, and myself. Through my Sigma volunteer work, I've seen the different patterns of its members' diversity and the positive impact when all of these differences are combined and shared. I get to see firsthand that each Sigma member has a lot to offer and their humanity within. And because of Sigma, they realize their innate desire to share, grow, and connect, no matter where they are in the world.

Susan K. Newbold
, PhD, RN-BC, FAAN, FHIMSS, FAMIAVolunteerWeek_SusanNewbold_Photo
Pi, Iota, and Phi Gamma Chapters | North America Region

My favorite part about volunteering with Sigma is that I can always find something to do that is valuable and also fits into my schedule. It can be a one-off opportunity or more long-term. Through my volunteer experience, I was able to grow into the position of chapter president, and it has changed my perspective of the world. Primarily I see the world as smaller with so many opportunities to communicate with and learn from Sigma members in countries outside of the US. There are not that many differences between the countries.

Rebecca Jedwab
, CCRN, BSc, MNP, MNursPrac, MACNVolunteerWeek_RebeccaJedwabPhoto
Psi Zeta at-Large Chapter | Oceania Region

Volunteering gives me the opportunity to share my experience and passion for nursing research and leadership, as well as contribute back to the nursing profession. As an early career researcher, I have been inspired and motivated by nurses who have volunteered their time and knowledge, and I want to do the same for others. By volunteering, I have met new people, learned from experiences, and taught myself skills by getting out of my comfort zone. By connecting with people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to engage with, I have been inspired and learned more about how nurses can be empowered, and empower others, to create meaningful change in whatever area they practice.

Gerardina Harnett
, DN, RPHN, RNP, RNT, RM, RGNVolunteerWeek_GerardinaHarnett_Photo
Omega Epsilon at-Large Chapter | Europe Region

As head of the department of nursing at one of the three colleges offering undergraduate nursing education across the south coast of Ireland, I was approached by the college’s previous president and vice president to become part of a team in establishing an honor society of nursing and midwifery in Ireland. In 2018, we successfully transitioned from an honor society to a full-fledged Sigma chapter (Omega Epsilon at-Large). It is often challenging to combine volunteering with busy professional and personal lives; however, there is tremendous support from the chapter board, members, other European presidents, and the team at Sigma headquarters. I feel privileged to be part of this global team because as a Sigma volunteer, I can set goals with other Sigma nurses and midwives as we acknowledge the clinical, academic, leadership, and research efforts of our peers while working towards enhancing health for ourselves and others. Being a Sigma volunteer means that I can, with the help of my peers, become a conduit of ideas and change between nurses and midwives at local, national, and global levels. We can be a voice for professional nurses and midwife leaders that is alternative and complementary with that of the regulators or union voices. 

A heartfelt thank you to all Sigma volunteers. We appreciate all that you do for the organization and for nursing.

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