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Yasmin-Nadeem-Parpio By Yasmin Nadeem Parpio MSc, EB, BSc Nursing

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Connect with on the Circle
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Sigma charters first chapters in Saudi Arabia

Sigma is proud to welcome Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter at the University of Ha’il and Alpha Alpha Eta Chapter at King Saud University to the family—the first Sigma chapters in Saudi Arabia. Despite many obstacles and a global pandemic, what was a consideration became a reality as the two chapters chartered virtually in October. 

Having Sigma chapters in Saudi Arabia will broaden the horizon of nursing scholarship and practice. The country faces challenges due to a shortage of nurses which is associated with a low enrollment rate in the profession. Gaining international visibility with Sigma is a great opportunity to uplift the image of nursing in this context, too.

Being part of Sigma means these chapters will be able to connect with nurse leaders around the world to develop the nursing profession in Saudi Arabia. I hope that nurses in Saudi Arabia will be able to gain professional development through networking and contribute to remarkable changes in nursing advancement. I hope that more and more people will join the cadre to inspire the world with their expertise and advance the nursing profession through education, scholarship, philanthropy, and lifelong learning.  

Nurses in the region will work on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and will eventually promote health and wellness to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable segments of the population. I am confident that Alpha Alpha Eta and Alpha Alpha Theta will achieve exemplary success locally, regionally, and internationally in the coming years. I look forward to meeting their chapter leadership and working with both chapters to achieve their goals.

Saudi nurses anticipate joining the Parade of Nations carrying the Saudi flag as they join the global community of nurses during Sigma’s 46th Biennial Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, in November 2021.

Welcome to the Sigma family, Alpha Alpha Theta and Alpha Alpha Eta!

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