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Sigma is an amazing organization!

Karen L. Gorton |

Reflections upon checking in for the 45th Biennial Convention.

Karen Gorton

The beauty of being here is recognizing that we are all valued for our excellence in nursing.

On my way to Sigma’s 45th Biennial Convention, many thoughts ran through my mind. Would I see all my friends? I knew I’d be meeting many people who would become friends and colleagues. What sessions should I attend when so many are beneficial for me and my work? I knew I’d want to share on Twitter what I’ve learned and how Sigma is impacting health globally.

As I was checking in to get my badge and convention information, I saw many friends—just the start of catching up with everyone. It took me a long time to walk across the lobby—so many to see! Some were those who have believed in me—and still do—and others were colleagues I love brainstorming with. Amazing people who have influenced my life, personally and professionally! Makes me think about how I can give back in a purposeful manner. I want to mentor those coming after me in the same way I have been mentored.

I am gratified to be a Sigma board member, and I wonder: How is what I am doing providing positive impact? How have I honored my charge as a board member? As a member?

The beauty of being here is recognizing that we are all valued for our excellence in nursing. Sometimes, we forget that. As nurses, we just figure things out and do the right thing. But how do we make our voices heard in a positive manner? How do we share the amazing research that is part of the fabric of Sigma? Is what I tweet going to be of value to others? What do those who follow me on social media need to know about nursing—about Sigma?

It’s fun to be here, to be part of what Sigma is doing to transform global health. But it also carries responsibility. We must ensure that our actions bring value to each member and provide positive impact on world health. Is the information I share of value to someone unable to be present at convention? Then I remember that most conference presentations will be archived in the Sigma Repository, where anyone can access them, even those unable to attend.

Sigma is an amazing organization—for me, for nursing, and for global health. I am proud to be here! RNL 

Karen L. Gorton, PhD, MS, RN, chair of the Regional Chapters Coordinating Committee and a member of Sigma’s board of directors, is an associate professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (USA).

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Pictures below are by our official convention photographer, Ralph Alswang. Check the album often to see more photos as they are added!

2019 Sigma Biennial Convention

2019 Sigma Biennial Convention

2019 Sigma Biennial Convention

2019 Sigma Biennial Convention

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